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रिककार्डो मोरैटो - अनुवाद और शासन: युआन और किंग राजवंशों में राज्य अनुवाद गतिविधियां

Translation and Governance: State Translation Activities in the Yuan and Qing Dynasties

Date: January 22, 2021 – Saturday

Time: 16:30-18:00 (Shanghai)

Venue: Tecent Meeting (Room ID: 176-553-527)


Language: English, Chinese


Summary: How did State authorities use translation for political and cultural governance in the Yuan and Qing dynasties? The interplay of governance and translation is a rather complex phenomenon. Looking into the institutions, regimes and practices involved in this process, the translation activities initiated by the Yuan and Qing courts are analyzed in detail and defined as a kind of State Translation Program (STP). An introduction of STP, a new concept coined by Chinese scholars in recent years, is put forward to elaborate on the relations and distinction between STP and the frequently used concepts of “institutional translation” and “government translation”.

Speaker Biography: Riccardo Moratto is Full Professor of Translation and Interpreting Studies, Chinese Translation and Interpreting at the Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), and Honorary Guest Professor at Nanjing Agricultural University; Expert Member of the Translators Association of China (TAC), and Honorary Member of Associação de Tradutores de Macau. Professor Moratto is a Chartered Linguist and Fellow Member of CIoL, an international conference interpreter and renowned literary translator.

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संबंधित लेख